What to bring

What to Bring for Your Fishing Trip to Alaska

General Travel Items

When planning your fishing trip to Talkeetna Fishing Lodge, we recommend bringing the following items to ensure a comfortable and successful experience:

Fishing rods and reelsEssential for your fishing adventure.
CameraCapture the memories of your trip.
TackleWe sell flies and other tackle at the lodge.
Credit cards, cashFor purchases and expenses.
Prescription medicationsEnsure you have enough for the duration of your stay.
Polarized sunglassesTo reduce glare and see fish more clearly.
FlashlightUseful for early mornings and evenings.
PliersHandy for various fishing-related tasks.
Day packTo carry essentials during your outings.
Sun screenProtect your skin from UV rays.
Leatherman knife or needle-nose pliersVersatile tools for many situations.
Reading booksFor relaxation during downtime.
FlaskFor carrying your favorite beverage.
Travel alarmTo help you wake up early for fishing.
Reading glassesIf needed for reading or close work.
Insect repellentTo keep mosquitoes and other bugs away.
Toilet articlesPersonal hygiene items.



Proper clothing is crucial for staying comfortable in Alaskan weather. Here’s a suggested list:

1 Fishing hat/capTo shield your face from the sun.
1 Warm fleece hatFor cold mornings and evenings.
Lightweight long underwear (bottom & tops)Ideal for layering.
Fleece long underwearTo protect against cold Alaskan water.
Mid-weight jacketGreat for non-rainy days.
2 pairs of wick-type heavy-weight socksFor warmth and comfort.
2 pairs of light-weight socksFor layering or warm days.
2 pairs of socks for traveling & eveningsFor comfort when not fishing.
3 long sleeve fishing shirts (long tail)Protection from the sun and insects.
2 sets of lounging clothesFor relaxing at the lodge.
2 pairs of fishing trousersDurable and comfortable for fishing.
3 breathable T-shirtsFor layering or warm days.
6 pairs of underwearEnsure enough for the week.
1 pair of evening shoesComfortable shoes for relaxing in the evening.
1 Gore-Tex breathable waterproof rain jacketEssential for rainy weather.
1 pair of breathable chest wadersNecessary for wading in the water.
1 pair of wading boots (no felt soles)Required for fishing, felt soles are forbidden.
1 fleece or pile jacketExtra warmth for cold days.
Fingerless fishing glovesKeep hands warm while maintaining dexterity.
Fleece glovesEspecially useful for boat travel.
Wading beltSafety item for wading in the water.
Wader repair kitIn case of any damage to your waders.
1 inflatable fishing vestAdds safety while fishing, wading, and boating.

Feel free to bring any additional items that you may want or are accustomed to in order to enhance your fishing experience. Proper preparation will ensure you have a comfortable and memorable trip to Talkeetna Fishing Lodge.