Join us at Chunilna Creek for the fishing adventure of a lifetime!

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Join us at Chunilna Creek for the fishing adventure of a lifetime!

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Join us at Chunilna Creek for the fishing adventure of a lifetime!


Join us at Chunilna Creek for the fishing adventure of a lifetime!

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Join us at Chunilna Creek for the fishing adventure of a lifetime!


Alaska Fishing Lodge Adventures

At Talkeetna Fishing Lodge, we invite you to embark on an unforgettable adventure in Alaska’s wilderness. Nestled along the serene Chunilna (Clear) Creek, our lodge offers unparalleled fishing trips guided by experts who know these waters like the back of their hands.

Whether you’re targeting salmon, trout, or halibut, our guided fishing excursions promise thrilling experiences for anglers of all levels.

Unforgettable Fishing Trips

Explore Chunilna Creek, a fisherman’s paradise nestled in Alaska. Enjoy shore fishing on this pristine river, offering some of the best angling experiences in the region.

Explore our unforgettable fishing trips at Talkeetna Fishing Lodge

Comfortable Lodge Accommodations

At Talkeetna Fishing Lodge, we prioritize your comfort. Relax in cozy beds after a thrilling day of fishing, and savor delicious meals served throughout the day.

Discover our comfortable lodge accommodations for a restful stay

Gourmet Dining Experience

Indulge in our high-standard lodging facilities, ideal for gatherings of friends and family. Delight in our renowned hospitality and exquisite cuisine, making your stay truly exceptional.

Indulge in our gourmet dining experience at Talkeetna Fishing Lodge


— Henrik Wessel, Owner / Guide

Talkeetna, the heart of Alaska

Welcome to Talkeetna, the heart of Alaska’s wilderness and the base for exceptional fishing experiences at Talkeetna Fishing Lodge. This charming town, where the Chulitna, Susitna, and Talkeetna rivers converge, offers not only breathtaking natural beauty but also a rich culture and history that embodies the spirit of Alaska.

Natural Beauty and Adventure: Talkeetna is surrounded by majestic mountains, including the iconic Mt. Denali towering over the Alaska Range. Explore the surroundings through thrilling flightseeing tours that include landings on glaciers, allowing you to experience the rugged landscape and endless vistas.

Abundant Fishing Opportunities: The town is not only a hub for adventurous travelers but also a paradise for anglers. The nearby rivers and lakes are home to diverse fish species, including salmon, trout, and char, attracting sports fishermen from around the world.

History and Culture: Discover Talkeetna’s rich history as a former gold mining town and current base for climbers preparing to summit Denali. Visit local art galleries, craft shops, and historical sites to gain insight into the town’s unique culture.

Map of Alaska highlighting Talkeetna's location, a charming town nestled among majestic mountains and scenic rivers.
Map of Alaska highlighting the location of Talkeetna, your gateway to the ultimate fishing adventure.

Explore Unmatched Fishing Trips

Discover Chunilna Creek, renowned as a fisherman’s paradise where you can reel in prized catches from shore or opt for guided boat fishing. Our guides ensure you make the most of every cast, providing insider knowledge and expert tips.


Relax in Comfortable Lodge Accommodations

After a rewarding day on the water, unwind in our comfortable lodge accommodations. Each room is designed with your relaxation in mind, featuring cozy beds and all the amenities you need for a restful night’s sleep. Explore our lodge accommodations and plan your stay with us.


Indulge in Gourmet Dining

Savor the flavors of Alaska with our gourmet dining experience. From hearty breakfasts to delicious dinners prepared with locally sourced ingredients, our meals are crafted to fuel your adventures and leave a lasting impression.


Plan Your Alaskan Adventure

Whether you’re seeking thrilling guided fishing trips, comfortable lodge accommodations, or a memorable dining experience, Talkeetna Fishing Lodge offers it all. Start planning your Alaskan adventure with us today and discover why we’re a top choice for lodge and fishing trips in Alaska.



A successful catch in Chunilna Creek.
Happy anglers enjoying a memorable day in Chunilna Creek.
The thrill of fly fishing in Alaska’s pristine waters.
Landing a big one in the beautiful Chunilna Creek.
Fly fishing in Chunilna Creek: a perfect day on the river.
Standing in the heart of the river, reeling in a prize catch.
Amazing place into the wild! This place has everything with the class where you expect the least. Perfect place for fishing, witnessing wildlife and up to the par food. Highly recommended! Thanks again Henrik for having us!
— Jigar Kothari
A fantastic experience with superb people in the lodge and very good food. Slept well, caught a giant king salmon and saw black bears outside the cabin two nights in a row. Got to love that!
— Truls Iversen
Perfect spot to relax in the Alaskan wilderness. Ideal for fishing with the lodge right on the Talkeetna river with some breathtaking views. Henrik is a great host and leaves no stone unturned to ensure you have the best of timeS. I highly recommend it.
— Girish Subramaniam
A great place with fantastic guides, chef and hosts. The fishing is absolutely incredible. Recommended!
— Natasha Olly Paus
Absolutely fantastic place. Super good food, good guides and insane amounts of salmon in the river.
— Ellen Marie Larsen
Had a fantastic week at the lodge. Lots of fishing, good food, drinks and nice people. Recommended!
— Trond-Einar Bøe
Paradise in the middle of Alaska’s wilderness! Fantastic hosts, guides and chef. Highly recommended. An experience of a lifetime!
— Anders Solheim
Fantastic place with wonderful people. Adventurous fishing and fantastic food. Highly recommended!
— Eivind Gulestøl

You can’t beat this experience

— Mari Stenvall