Fine Dining and Comfortable Living at Talkeetna Fishing Lodge

Embark on a culinary journey like no other at Talkeetna Fishing Lodge. Our dedicated chef, with years of professional experience, crafts gourmet meals that guests often describe as unforgettable and among the best they’ve ever tasted.

At Talkeetna Fishing Lodge, we understand that exceptional food and comfortable accommodations are key to ensuring our guests’ happiness. This commitment has fostered a loyal base of repeat clientele who appreciate our high level of hospitality and the remarkable fishing experiences we offer.

Bo på lodge i Alaska
Bo på lodge i Alaska


Alaskan Hospitality at Its Finest

Our lodge provides spacious accommodations suitable for friends and family, blending rustic charm with modern comforts. Nestled in the heart of Alaska’s wilderness, our facilities offer scenic dining areas and cozy cabins where you can unwind after a day of adventure.


Unparalleled Fishing Experiences

Located along Chunilna (Clear) Creek, a short boat ride from the Susitna River, Talkeetna Fishing Lodge boasts some of the best fishing opportunities in Alaska. Whether you’re pursuing salmon or other prized catches, our expert guides ensure each fishing excursion is extraordinary.


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Discover the perfect fusion of gourmet dining, comfortable living, and exceptional fishing at Talkeetna Fishing Lodge. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Alaska with us. Your adventure begins here!

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